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We are a design studio, brand specialist. We love to create logos for your business.

The importance of having a professional logo


Brand Recognition

Plays a crucial role in establishing and maintaining a strong brand identity. It contributes to brand recognition, credibility, and differentiation, all of which are important for the success and growth of your business.


Credibility and Trust

Conveys a sense of professionalism, trustworthiness, and credibility. It shows that your business is legitimate and established. Customers are more likely to trust a company that has a well-designed logo, as it gives the impression that you take your business seriously.


Competitive Advantage

In a crowded marketplace, having a professional logo helps your business stand out from competitors. A unique and memorable logo sets you apart and creates a positive first impression. It gives your brand an edge and helps potential customers remember you when making purchasing decisions.

Make your business look amazing with Brave & Visible's Brand Kit!

What's included?

+ A personalised logo (two design option to choose from).
+ Brand Guideline, for a consistence presence.
+ Business card design, ready to print.
+ Two social media covers.
+ Original files.

How to get start?

+ Fill up the form below.
+ We will contact you shortly.
+ Your investment: $560 NZD + gst.

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